Break Up Advice

The hardest part of any relationship is breaking up remember, nothing lasts forever. If you think the relationship is going nowhere, your partner is not all you thought they would be maybe they even cheated on you, why not just end it. That's what we're here for to help to get you past it to do it for you. Remember, not every problem is worth breaking up over, but for those that are there is no better way to do it than to let us blind side your partner. If you really would rather break up yourself, the following break up advice is sure to make your break up memorable.

Is This Break Up Right For You?
Of course it is, otherwise you wouldn't be here. You should only want to put yourself through this once, so lets go over a few things:

Write a list of good and bad features of the person. (See how the bad outweighs the good)
Talk to your close friends and family. (They know you are miserable and will back your decision)
Compare this relationship to that of your happiest friends.
(ONLY THE HAPPY ONES, if you have any)
Compare the relationship to what you thought a perfect relationship would be like.
(Like a movie with a happy ending)

Need some more help answer the following questions:

Does this person make me happy? (I think we already know the answer to that)
Would I rather be with someone else? (Now is the time to think of that dream date)
Can you stomach this person for the next hundred years? (The next few hours, next few minutes?)

Okay we got all the hard stuff out of the way. Now you know what you're doing is right!

Break Up Steps
First of all, don't do it yourself, be a coward, LET US DO IT. This person is someone that you have spent some time with, gotten close to, and odds are, they know how to manipulate your feelings. Even if they don't, do really want to face this person at such an uncomfortable moment? You owe them nothing and... Oh, I forgot this is the section for break up advice if you're going to do it on your own. Just remember all of the following are fair as well as fun:

Let the word get out !
Talk about your decision with all of your friends and co-workers. Be very careful not to let anyone feel left out. Gossip is always fun and has a way of making it around full circle. You should expect to be on the @%$& list of every friend your partner has. The golden rule here is "do unto others before they do unto you".

Break up relationship love advice
We can do it for you this is without a doubt the easiest way. It's cowardly, weak, pathetic and in our opinion ALMOST PERFECT. Sending an email to them at work is always effective. You have spent enough time with this person, been through good times (if there were any), bad times (almost every second) and obviously hard times. They already know what you look like so you being there will just complicate things. If you really have to do the break up yourself send a break up eCard. If you have to break up in person...bring a friend. They can always help explain to the loser how bad they really are.

The following are mandatory for a effective, lasting break up:

Break Up Emotions
Lies and excuses always make in person break ups much easier. Being honest may maintain your personal integrity, but at this point the last thing you need to worry about is integrity. The odds are that you will not get any respect from your "ex" anyway. Once the reality of the heartache sets in they will be off on their own mission of revenge. I'm sure you can go on a tirade about how horrible he/she is and why you should not be together, don't. We don't care and neither does anyone else, so don't beat around the bush. Just do it. Everyone may think you have gone crazy but then all sympathy will immediately turn in your direction.

Where to do the Break Up
There is no right or wrong place to break up, but a place that has personal meaning to your relationship, shows that you have at least put some thought into this. You probably want to pick a public place. If they are really into you, the news will most likely draw some heavy emotions, and since most people don't like to be seen at their weakest in public, sharing the moment with strangers is always a great idea.

After the Break Up
There has always been an unwritten rule about the inaccessibility of your partner's friends after a break up. We clearly don't stand by that rule, DO IT. Intimate relationships with the friends of the person you just broke up with is the ultimate gotcha! Nobody wants to believe that their friends would do this, or are more attractive to you than they are. Go ahead and prove it to them. I'm sure you don't want to ruin a friendship, but if the friend agrees, how good a friend were they in the first place?

Our final bit of Marriage Break Up Advice

Gotta Break Up is here for you with relationship love advice. We want to help make that change in your life, to start pursuing true happiness, with the person that deserves you!