A break up is one of the most difficult things anyone will go through in life. If you have not been there, it is not something pleasant to deal with. If you have been there, especially recently when the wound is fresh, you know all too well what kind of pain and devastation is associated with this horrible experience. However, some are in the position of deciding whether or not they should end the partnerships they are in. Many people insist on trying to work problems out; but at what expense? The first thing you must consider when trying to decide the fate of a romantic involvement is why you might be staying together. Next, there are many reasons to end a romantic association. You should decide if the things that are happening in your relationship warrant an end. Things like safety of everyone involved, both emotional and physical, and being able to get on with life are also important to consider.

One of the first things you must consider if you are having relationship problems and are deciding if you should break up with a loved one is reasons you might be staying together. Many couples only continue on out of a sense of obligation. Others stay because it is a habit that is much easier to go on with than to deal with an ugly confrontation. Some don’t leave each other because they think the other person can be changed. If these are reasons why you may be staying with someone, they are not healthy reasons. If you think things can be worked out and that you wish this to happen, you should try. However, if you are in a relationship that you have determined to be unhealthy, you should make the decision that helps you move on from an unhealthy association.

Something to think about when you have decided to break things off with someone is the emotional health and physical safety of the parties involved. Serious emotional damage may occur to those that prolong an unhealthy romantic involvement. It provides more time for arguments, and out-of-control confrontations that can eventually lead to physical altercations. This allows for the physical safety of each party to be threatened. Stopping a negative relationship before all of this has a chance to happen is definitely a step in the right direction.

Finally, being able to move on and start fresh is a significant reason to end a bad relationship. Though moving on from each other is a difficult thing to do at first, often regret turns into peace for both parties. Humans are indeed creatures of habit, and many times, bad feelings associated with leaving a specific person are simply not wanting to leave a comfortable, however dysfunctional situation. Giving each person a chance on their own is a way to end relationship problems and get on with your lives.

Couples stay together for many different reasons. And, while trying to work things out is commendable, sometimes it just cannot be done. To decide if this is where you are in your relationship, you should look at why you are staying with your loved one. Is it for unhealthy reasons or is there a chance you can make it work? If or when you decide to end your involvement with your significant other, you should look carefully at whether ending it is a decision that will promote safety. Moving on is the most healthy thing you can do after a bad association and is imperative to do after you break up with your loved one.